Learn how to add and manage users in DataFlow.

Note that you must have administrator privileges to perform these actions.

Create a new user

  1. Click Admin on the top navigation bar.

  2. In the User management interface, click Add user.

    Add users

  3. In the Add user interface, specify the following properties:

    Add a user to DataFlow

    Specify the name of the account holder.
    ThoughtSpot user ID
    Specify the user ID, or account. Must match an existing account in ThroughtSpot.
    Enter a password; does not have to match password in ThoughtSpot.
    Confirm password
    Enter the combination of characters that matches the Password.
    Specify the email of the account holder; must be in whitelisted domain.
    Admin user
    Specify if this account has administrator privileges.
  4. Click Add.

    You can now see the new user in the list of users.

Change user properties

Follow these steps to make changes to an existing user account.

  1. Click Admin on the top navigation bar.

  2. In the User management interface, select the user you want to change.

    Select user to edit

  3. In the Edit user interface, change any of the properties, and click Update.

    • Change name: In this example, we changed the Name associated with the account.

      Edit user in DataFlow

    • Change password: To change the password for the account, enter the new password and confirm it.

    • Make admin: To promote a regular user to administrator status, select the Admin user checkbox. To demote an existing admin user to regular user status, unselect the Admin user checkbox.

      Promote user to admin in DataFlow

    • Disable user: To disable a user, turn the toggle on. To enable a user again, turn the toggle off.

      Disable user in DataFlow

      A disabled user still appears in the list of users, with a Disabled tag.

      Disabled user in list of DataFlow users